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Professional Audio Visual System Design & Install


The term “Professional Audio Visual” can be described as audio and visual systems which are used for professional usages. Audio System includes Loudspeaker, Power Amplifier, Mixer, Recording and Playback. Meanwhile, Visual includes LED Display, LED Panel Display, Projector and many others. Pro Audio & Visual devices have a class of its own, compared to Consumer-House level products.


Professional Stage Lighting & Rigging


Professional Stage Lighting & Rigging can be described as stage lighting and rigging for professional needs and aims.
It includes usage of LED Moving Head, Scanner Light, Follow Spot, Hazer Machine, Laser System and Lighting Console. Rigging itself includes Fix Rigging, Suspended Motorized Rigging, which can be used not only for Stage Lighting purposes, but also Draper, Drop Back, etc.

Professional Lighting can be applied for many kind of events, especially band concerts, which are frequently held by Broadcast TV Stations, Lounges, Discotheques, and many others. Lighting and rigging focus on dramatizing performances in order to achieve certain moods, environments and excitements for audiences.


Accoustic & Noise Control Design

Accoustic & Noise Control Design aim to create sound convenience, either indoor or any other desired environment. It is usually applied on large rooms, such as Auditorium, House of Worship and TV Studio. Good accoustic & noise control design can protect certain rooms or environment from unwanted noises, vibrations, or accoustic failures, such as echo, reverb or sound focus.

This design includes creating soundproof walls, doors, windows and ceilings, as well as conducting accousting treatments to utility machines inside the building in order to prevent noises and vibrations. Another aim is to acquire optimum reverberation time.







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