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Touring Systems (TRS Series)


TRS-112 Monitor Loudspeaker


The TRS-112 and TRS-115 cabinets can be used as floor monitors or a front of house system where they are equally at home as full range enclosures or incorporated into two-way systems as mid-high packs in a sub/sat system. 
Multi-tasking is made complete by the built in flying points and aluminium top hat, totally compatible with the OHM hardware range.

Cable connector concealment has been cleverly recessed into two pockets enabling the cables to be connected and easily accessed whilst keeping the cable management neat and tidy. 

The TRS-112 houses a 12" 2 ½ voice coil bass driver and a 1" compression driver mounted on a 90° x 40° horn flare.




TRS-115 Monitor Loudspeaker


The TRS-115 has all the same characteristics of the TRS-112 with more power.

TRS-115 features and OHM 15" bass driver and a 1½" compression driver mounted on a 60° x 40° horn flare.

Applications include stage monitors and front of house. The versatility of this cabinet allows it to be used as a full range system or within a two way system as the mid highs for a sub/sat system.



TRS-112H Mid-High Loudspeaker


The TRS-112H horn loaded mid/high unit was developed to provide stunning performance with high efficiency in a very compact design.

The low mids are handled by an OHM 12" driver mounted on a proprietary horn. High frequencies are created with a unique coaxial compression driver featuring separate 3" and 1¾" coil diaphragm assemblies on a common throat device terminating onto a 1½" custom polyurethane moulded horn flare, all mounted in a trapezoidal cabinet. 





TRS-212 Mid-High Loudspeaker


Designed as a high performance mid-high enclosure housing two high powered OHM 12" drivers along with a 1½" compression driver mounted on a 60° x 40° CD horn. 
TRS-212 has internal passive crossovers with an optional bi-amp connector module available. 

Can be factory or retro fitted for transport dollies, Order TRS-212TD




TRS-118 Subwoofer Loudspeaker


The TRS-118 is exactly half the size of the and with the same frontal area as the mid high cabinet. This reflex loaded 18"cabinet offers added flexibility to the OHM range of subwoofers and is ideal for smaller systems, particularly in a sub/sat pole mount setup.




TRS-118H Subwoofer Loudspeaker


The TRS-118H single 18" unit is the same physical size as the dual 18" TRS-218 but with matching performance by embracing horn loading. The high efficiency horn loading brings the advantage of less amplification requirement for the same SPL.

Pre-fitted for ST-CP castor pack. These can be factory or retro fitted for use with the TRS-118TD transport dolly. 




TRS-218 Subwoofer Loudspeaker


The TRS-218 is the "big daddy" sub in the TRS range. Although not dedicated, this enclosure ideally matches the TRS-212 seamlessly as a sub/sat system. This mighty subwoofer can perform.... and then some, having gained an enviable reputation at worldwide dance and live events. This twin 18" beast benefits from horn loaded reflex design and bandpass technology, to deliver gut wrenching bass.

Pre-fitted for ST-CP castor pack. These can be factory or retro fitted for use with the TRS-218TD transport dolly.



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