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LB-1 & LB-3 Loudspeaker


Two no compromise ‘cost down’ installation cabinets designed for cost effective installations without detriment to audio performance or reliability.

Both LB-Series cabinets feature a paper cone high Frequency unit coupled to a 5¼” Bass unit in the LB-1 and 8” Bass unit in the LB-3. The heavy duty paint finished cabinet features a powder coated metal grill embellished with the OHM chrome logo. Connections are by way of the proprietary OHM backplate featuring twin binding posts for use with hard wiring or Pomona Plugs.

Variable compatible hardware is available within the OHM range, this can be fitted to the cabinets by using the pre-prepared fixing points. An additional ‘second fix’ threaded bush is available to meet local installation by-laws.


LM-2 & LM-3 Loudspeaker


OHM are proud to introduce the LM Series. The LM-2 and LM-3 display all the features expected from a product range with such a distinguished pedigree. Made from 18mm MDF painted in a hardwearing texture paint Ideally suited for both mobile and fixed installation applications.

The LM-2 (12”) and LM-3 (15”) are loaded with proprietary custom made bass-mid drivers and a high performance one inch exit, 25mm voice coil, Compression Driver attached to a horn flare. HF protection and a field replaceable diaphragm offers additional user peace of mind. For set-up LM-2 and LM-3 have pocket handles and a trapezoidal footprint allowing easy grouping. 

All cabinets in the LM series are supplied with a foam covered kick proof grill, twin Neutrik Speakon® compatible connectors and a die cast aluminium Top Hat to accommodate a number of mounting options available from the extensive OHM hardware range, making for a professional simple installation. 



LM-4, LM-5 & LM-6 Loudspeaker


Utilising a one inch exit, 44mm voice coil, Compression Driver, that many manufacturers would reserve only for their very expensive ‘high-end’ cabinets, the LM-4, LM-5 and LM-6 perform in a way that belies their affordable price tag. Loaded with proprietary custom made OHM bass-mid drivers that allow precise integration with the CD horn, the result is a smooth, controlled and powerful high SPL Response with outstanding definition and clarity.
Designed for professional Dj’s, live band applications and custom installs, the LM-4 (12”), LM-5 (15”) and LM-6 (Twin 15”) offer an edge over the competition.

Fitted with twin Neutrik Speakon® compatible connectors, allowing for easy daisy chaining, and sharing the full range of LM features normally expected from products costing considerably more.

In addition to the standard features LM-4, LM-5 and LM- 6 are fitted with flying points, bar handles and are made from 18mm Birch Plywood.

Designed as full range enclosures or for use as mid high packs in sub-woofer, satellite systems.


LM-W Monitor Loudspeaker


On stage monitoring, the bane of all artists and engineers lives. Today’s musician requires stage monitoring capable of ‘keeping up’ with the front of house system. OHM’s solution in the form of the LM-W, a compact floor monitor, Utilising the same components as the LM-4 but in a trapezoidal wedge format.

The Birch plywood painted cabinet is fitted with twin Neutrik Speakon® compatible connectors allowing for easy daisy chaining, a foam covered kick proof grill and heavy duty bar handles making this a truly roadworthy product. It is also suitable for use as a DJ monitor.

A must for every engineers arsenal of loudspeakers, easily set up and an attractive piece of stage furniture.



LM-S Subwoofer Loudspeaker


When extended low-end Frequency Response and higher SPL is required, the solution comes in the form of the very capable LM-S subwoofer. The enclosure provides deep, powerful, fast and even more importantly, accurate reproduction of the given bass signal input. 
The 18”, 3” high temperature voice coil, bass unit utilised in the LM Sub has some of the best thermal compression figures in it’s class, meaning louder for longer. As with the rest of the range the sub is fitted with twin Neutrik Speakon® compatible connectors. Made from 18mm Birch Plywood painted in a hardwearing black textured paint. The LM-S is also supplied with the Threaded Mounting Plate, that accepts the optional Adjustable Pole (TP-1) allowing for the satellite enclosure to be elevated above the audience without the need for an additional Speaker Stand.
As well as road use the complete LM range is suitable for use in any fixed installation, be it a bar, theatre, night club or discotheque, the sub is certainly no exception.



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