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LIne Array System (ERSA Series)


ERSA Major


A three-way horn loaded line array for both outside and indoors. The compact size and high efficiency made possible by horn loading belies the ability of this high performance full range array to reach 20,000 plus people at high SPL. ERSA MAJOR along with PUKK subs is the perfect system for mid size rock concerts. The full range boxes without subs are also much used for high clarity speech applications such as political rallies.

Its highly durable powder coated steel flying frame can be used to hang or ground stack multiple ERSA MAJOR cabinets. The integrated flying system is contained within the confines of the cabinet so that there are no protruding parts during transport. The rugged angle adjustment system allows up to 9° between cabinets in 1.5° increments. PUKK-218 subwoofers can be flown along with the ERSA MAJOR cabinets. Stacking transport dollies are available.

The birch ply cabinet contains two proprietary OHM 10" drivers mounted at the rear of the cabinet along with a coaxial 2" + 1" compression driver mounted on an OHM proprietary horn. The cabinets are finished in a high durability poly-urea paint finish. 

The OHM SPYDER DSP control software and OHM OYSTER system controller provide both easy to use setup and prevention against unwanted interference – particularly valuable in installations.



ERSA Minor


Ersa Minor is an unobtrusive line array system especially effective in long throw controlled beam width applications such as churches where speech clarity is vital.

The ERSA MINOR system has been developed to provide a high powered, small enclosure, line array system suitable for both portable use and fixed installation. Featuring two 6" bass units and a 1" compression driver on an OHM proprietary waveguide, ERSA MINOR offers total versatility and unprecedented performance from enclosures of these dimensions

A wide range of options is available for various mounting configurations. 

There is an optional Flying Frame EMN-FF, which includes a patch panel to allow for the easy connection of six cabinets with four core cable to one amplifier. 

The cabinets are fitted with twin Neutrik Speakons© enabling easy daisy chaining. ERSA MINORs highly durable powder coated steel flying frame has no protruding parts and allows up to 12° between cabinets in 1.7° increments. 

The standard ERSA MINOR includes a passive crossover. A bi-amp version is available to special order for use in demanding acoustic environments where OHM SPYDER DSP provides precise beam control.



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